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About US

The Sanskrit literature is one of the richest in the world. Recent studies have shown that it is the most computers friendly. Sanskrit is more scientific and phonetic language. Today, the scientific literature in Sanskrit available to us is vast and varied, covering subjects as diverse as Alchemy and Mathematics - Metallurgy, Gemmology and Zoology and many more. Sanskrit language, with an incomparable store of knowledge and Science carries with itself a legacy of Indian tradition, is at the genesis of our well-developed nation.

Today the quest for learning Sanskrit world over witnesses a revival. Assessing the inevitability of Sanskrit education and promoting Vedic studies on traditional lines in Gujarat state, our Former Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi decided to establish Sanskrit University in Gujarat. Our visionary leadership committed to provide the facility of imparting knowledge of Sanskrit and therefore, established Shree Somnath Sanskrit University at Veraval, District - Gir Somnath, Gujarat.

Why Choose Us?

Excellence in quality is the need of any organization and Shree Somnath Sanskrit University is no exception. To survive in the competitive world of today and tomorrow, we focus on quality. Quality is a journey not the destination.

The motto of the University is chosen from Sanskrit poet Kālidāsa's famous work Meghadūtam. It explicitly focuses on the attainment of completeness and excellence. It also speaks of the vision and idealism for which the University is established.

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