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    Pujya Bhagvatacharyji Shri Ramesh Bhaiji

    Devbhasha Sanskrit has contributed utmost in making man civilised and cultured and, has integrated the entire nation in "one chain". I wish that Shree Somnath Sanskrit University will gain its prominent place by fusing the antiquity with the modernity by trading on the path of perfect progress.

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    Padmashri Mahamahopadhyay K. K. Shastriji

    "The perseverance of the scholars of the tradition of Sanskrit Pathshala has borne its fruits in the auspicious beginning of Shree Somnath Sanskrit University. I convey my heartfelt blessings on this occassion."

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    Swami Vivekanand

    "Sanskrit education must go on along with it (general education) because the very sound of Sanskrit words gives a prestige, power and strength to the race."

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